While there might be a lot of junk on most
fast food menus, there are also some real

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And even if you’re not a huge fan of fast
food generally, you at least owe it to yourself

to give these items a try.

Who knows?

You might just fall in love.

For four years and counting, Chick-fil-A has
been named America’s favorite fast food joint

— and their chicken sandwich is the main
reason why.

To start with, the chicken is breaded and
cooked in a pressure fryer with peanut oil.

The bun is buttered, toasted, then topped
with pickles.





Try this sandwich once and you’ll be a fan
for life.


While Sonic Drive-In certainly has some quality
food options, it’s the drinks that really

set this place apart from the competition.

Arguably, their most iconic drink of all is
the Cherry Limeade.

Both the cherry and lime flavors work together
nicely, with neither becoming too overbearing

or unpleasant.

That cherry taste comes first, followed by
a lime aftertaste — and makes for the perfect


And with the whole thing poured over a cup
of Sonic’s iconic pebble ice, it’s bound to

make the perfect summer treat, too.

Give it a go.

The food at Five Guys is so good that you
really don’t need to get fancy with your order.

In fact, to get the true Five Guys experience,
you’re best off ordering the cheeseburger.

It’s exactly what you’ll be expecting: two
grilled beef patties and two slices of American

cheese, stuffed inside two gently toasted

There’s not much need for all those extra
toppings here, but they are free, so if you

can’t stand the thought of a plain burger,
feel free to order up.

All in all, this one might not sound too compelling,
but your taste buds will thank you — that

first bite is life-changer.

The classic chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s
doesn’t look too special, but there’s nothing

else quite like it.

While it might look like chocolate ice cream,
it’s actually a dessert that resides somewhere

between soft serve ice cream and a good old
fashioned milkshake.

Better yet, a classic chocolate Frosty is
actually made with both chocolate and vanilla,

giving it the perfect flavor balance, too.

Now, you can actually order a vanilla Frosty
too, but it’s just not the same.

Go with the classic version… and then, if
you really want the ultimate experience, get

an order of Wendy’s fries and start dipping.

The famed McRib isn’t a regular fixture on
the McDonald’s menu.

“Nothing this good lasts forever!”

But when it does pop up, diehard McRib fans
scramble to the Golden Arches to get their

hands on it — and there’s a damn good reason
for that.

The McRib is made from a cheap cut of pork,
a lot of salt, a starchy sweetener called

dextrose, and water.

This concoction is pressed and shaped into
what resembles a little rack of ribs.

It’s then placed on a hoagie-like roll and
topped with BBQ sauce, onions, and pickles.

And sure, it might not sound appetizing when
you put it that way, but the result is a highly

addictive, truly delicious sandwich that fans
just can’t get enough of.

Forget the diet — if you can, you’d do well
to get down to Krispy Kreme for

an Original Glazed Donut.

There’s a knack to this, though, and it’s
not quite as simple as stopping by on your

way home from work.

What you need to do is scout out a Krispy
Kreme location and keep an eye out for the

Hot Light.

Once you see it light up, that’s a sign from
the doughnut gods that there are fresh doughnuts


That’s the moment you storm the store and
get yourself an Original Glazed Doughnut.

Being hot and totally fresh, the donut should
taste truly scrumptious — and they’ll melt

in your mouth, to boot.

You might not think of authentic Mexican food
whenever you drive past a Jack in the Box.

But never judge a box by its cover — because
these guys do some seriously good tacos.

Now, while these tacos may not feel too authentic,
they’re still a convenient and tasty snack

that will fill you up fast.

Jack in the Box tacos are made from meat,
shredded lettuce, American cheese, and a crunchy

outer shell — so nothing too complicated.

But maybe it’s the simplicity that keeps bringing
people back.

If you’ve never had an Animal Style Burger
from In-N-Out Burger, do yourself a favor

and go get one.

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Now, preferably.

An Animal Style Burger is essentially just
an In-N-Out Burger with a beef patty grilled

in mustard.

But seriously, it’s kinda amazing.

To add to the fun, you’ll get grilled onions,
pickles, and an extra layer of their special

spread — as well as the usual tomato and
lettuce, of course.

The chain offers Animal Style fries too, which
are topped off with that same famous spread,

cheese and chopped grilled onions.

Be warned: once you go Animal Style, you never
go back.

Yep, ketchup.

Seem a little odd to you?

Then you’ve obviously never had the ketchup
at Whataburger.

This Texan burger joint is home to hands down
the best red sauce in America.

Try it with their fries, onion rings, or any
of the burgers Whataburger has to offer.

It doesn’t matter.

Just try it!

Being a Texan chain, they’ve also got their
own spicy ketchup, too, which is pretty much

just as good.

And once you’re completely addicted, you’ll
be happy to learn you can buy this stuff by

the bottle, too.

Your life will never be the same again.

Panda Express calls their Original Orange
Chicken their “signature dish” — and for

very good reason.

In fact, Panda Express’ Orange Chicken might
just be the best dish you will find at any

Chinese fast food restaurant.

The meat is juicy and succulent, the flavors
are a perfect combination of sweet and spicy,

and the whole thing is bound together by that
gorgeous orange tang.

From the texture to the taste, you can’t ask
for much better bang for your fast food buck.

Is it even fall if you haven’t had a Pumpkin
Spice Latte from Starbucks?

This coffee drink is basically what would
happen if all the best parts of autumn were

melted down and served in a cup.

One sip and you’ll be more than ready for
everything the season has to offer.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte doesn’t exactly have
a complicated flavor profile, but who needs


It’s simple, delicious, and Starbucks does
it better than pretty much anyone else.

Nobody would blame you for drinking one a

At least.

You might be surprised to find that it’s Subway,
of all places, that sells fast food’s best


The cookies at Subway are perfectly soft,
but pack a powerful flavor punch.

And the best thing about the chain’s wide
array of cookies is that they all taste as

good as each other, so you never need to order
the same thing twice.

Subway stores usually have a variety of options
on hand, including Chocolate Chunk, Double

Chocolate, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut,
and Rainbow Candy Chip.

Don’t be afraid to try them all.

“Snack time!”

Dairy Queen has a seemingly never-ending list
of dessert options — and even if you decide

you want a Blizzard, you’re still left with
an overwhelming number of choices.

But if you want the cream of the crop, order
a Butterfinger Blizzard.

Even if you don’t love the candy bar itself,
you’re bound to love this soft serve treat.

The Butterfinger is such a winner because
it meshes so perfectly with vanilla soft serve.

You get a perfect mixture of chocolate, sweetness,
and saltiness — one that will have your

taste buds doing somersaults.

If you love bacon, Wendy’s Baconator is for you.

This burger comes equipped with eight ounces
of fresh beef, six slices of crispy bacon,

two slices of American cheese, all topped
with mayo and ketchup.

What really stands out here is the smokiness
of the bacon and the freshness of the beef


And okay, sure, this may sound like a real
artery-clogger — but you only live once,


While it costs a little bit extra compared
to Pizza Hut’s other crust options, the chain’s

Mozzarella Stuffed Crust Pizza is more than
worth the added money.

Suddenly, the crust is the star of the show
— giving you a whole new perspective on

the pizza itself.

Pizza Hut also throws in a little extra customization
by allowing you to specify the flavor of the


If you’re at a loss, give Buttery Garlic or
Toasted Parmesan a try.

You won’t regret it.

As you’re probably well aware, Subway offers
a whole range of different subs — but the

one you’ve got to try at least once is the
Spicy Italian.

On this sub, you’ll find a combination of
Genoa [jen-OH-uh] salami and pepperoni, arguably

two of the best tasting meats available at

And when you combine the two, the flavor is

Feel free to add whatever vegetables or cheese
you want afterwards, too, because you really

can’t mess this one up.

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That said, you might consider getting this
one in Italian Bread with Golden Italian sauce…

for that truly authentic taste of Italy.

Burger King’s Whopper is one of the most popular
burgers in America, and if you haven’t had

one yet you deserve to find out why.

It contains a quarter pound of beef, plus
lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup,

and mayo within a bun topped with sesame seeds.

Simple, sure.

But what makes the Whopper so special is the
flame-grilled taste of the beef.

It’s a flavor that you just can’t find anywhere

While you may think of Dunkin’ as a donut
stop, they have some really good iced coffee,

too — and the one flavor you’ve gotta try
is the Hazelnut Swirl.

While the chain’s other iced coffees are adequate
enough, it’s this one that stands at the head

of the pack, thanks to the wonderfully deep
flavor of the hazelnut itself.

Sure, go ahead and order a donut while you’re
there — just make sure you wash it down

with this truly heavenly iced coffee.

These days, White Castle has over a dozen
different types of sliders.

While many of them are definitely worth trying,
the Original Slider is the best of the bunch.

“I want 30 sliders, five french fries, and four large cherry Cokes.”

“I want the same except make mine diet Cokes.”

The Original Slider has a beef patty that
is steam grilled on top of onions.

Before the bun goes on top, a pickle slice
is added to heighten the overall flavor of

the slider.

And although the slider is small in stature,
it’s big in taste.

No doubt — everyone should try it at least

Chipotle offers a whole range of awesome burritos,
burrito bowls, tacos, salads, and more.

But the one thing you can’t truly live without
trying is their chips and guacamole.

Fast food stores aren’t usually the place
to get decent chips or guac, because it’s

a dish that requires great care to make.

But Chipotle has figured out a way to succeed
where others fail.

Their chips are fried in-house in small batches,
so they taste amazingly fresh.

Their guacamole, meanwhile, is authentic to
the last drop.

If you’ve gotta get some chips and don’t have
time to make them yourselves, you could do

much worse than this.

When it comes to Arby’s, Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar
stands front and center.

It’s everything that is good about the chain,
distilled into one sandwich.

It all starts with the onion roll, which is
toasted to help release that signature aroma.

Next, the roast beef is covered with a cheesy
cheddar sauce.

Finally, Arby’s Sauce is added to provide
just the right amount of zest to the equation.

And here’s a tip: be sure to order two of
these bad boys — ‘cos you’re gonna be craving

an encore as soon as you’re done with the

A&W is famous for root beer.

They’ve become world-renowned experts in the
field, and their floats definitely live up

to the hype.

It’s difficult to say for sure whether it’s
the frosty mug, soft serve vanilla ice cream,

or the A&W Root Beer itself that makes this
so good — but it is good.

Find out for yourself… you’ll be glad you

When it comes to spicy chicken sandwiches,
Popeyes makes the best of the best.

While their rivals Chick-fil-A have a decent
spicy chicken sandwich of their own, it’s

the Popeyes’ version that’s truly worthy of

The spiciness hits hard but is thoroughly
enjoyable while the crunchiness of the sandwich

adds an unforgettable sense of texture to
the experience.

It’s amazing, really.

Get your hands on one ASAP — you never know
when they’re going to sell out.

“This chicken sandwich is so big, CNN put the chicken full screen and put the hurricane down in the corner.”

“That’s right!”

Obviously, you can get some pretty good pizza
at Domino’s, but the one thing you really

need to try at least once is their Parmesan
Bread Bites.

These oven-baked goodies are made by hand
using dough infused with butter.

After they are baked to a golden brown, they’re
seasoned with Parmesan cheese and garlic.

Get ’em while they’re hot, order a side of
marinara dipping sauce and make sure you stock

up with plenty — because however many you
buy isn’t going to be enough.

Long John Silver’s is primarily known for

That said, their hush puppies are where it’s

Who’d have thought that something so simple,
so small, and so unassuming could possibly

taste so good?

Go ahead and order some fish while you’re
at it, of course, since that’s kinda the whole

  Popular Fast Food Desserts

point of Long John Silver’s.

But don’t miss out on those hush puppies — they’re
the real treasure, here.

Just a quick warning, here: if you eat the
Tater Chips from Zaxby’s, you won’t be able

to eat chips out of a bag ever again.

These Tater Chips are like regular chips on

They’re made simply enough — being spiced
up with just a little salt and seasoning,

and served with a ranch dipping sauce.

But these chips are wonderfully crispy and
genuinely delicious.

Who needs fries?

If you love your cheeseburgers with a little
splash of BBQ, then the Western Bacon Cheeseburger

from Carl’s Jr. is the answer to your prayers.

Carl’s barbecue sauce is more on the tangy
side than the sweet, which makes it work perfectly

with the sandwich’s other components.

Obviously, you won’t be surprised to find
the beef patty, the two strips of bacon, or

the American cheese, here.

What might surprise you, though, are the two
onion rings that have hitched a ride, too.

And sure, they may look a little out of place,
but don’t worry — they’re exactly where

they need to be.

If you are one of the few souls left on Earth
who hasn’t tried McDonald’s fries, then just

what are you waiting for?

Obviously, McDonald’s isn’t exactly the hippest
or coolest place in the world, but the fact

is that their fries are world famous for a

While virtually every fast food restaurant
has tried to top them, no one has quite managed

to do so.

Nothing complicated about this one — go
to McDonald’s.

Order a large fries.


Lots of people think that all you need to
make Texas toast is a toaster and a big slice

of bread.

Raising Cane’s knows that’s not the case.

Raising Cane’s Texas toast is serious business
— and they treat it like an art form.

They don’t even start with sliced bread.

Instead, their Texas toast is made from pull-apart
sesame seed bread that is made to order.

The bread is then slathered with a blend of
garlic and butter, before being grilled to

pure perfection.

Once upon a time, Taco Bell took their nacho
fries off their menu — and almost sparked

nationwide riots.

Now they’re back, and America couldn’t be

The fries themselves are seasoned aggressively.

At first glance, you might just think they’ve
gone overboard a little, but by your second

or third bite, you’ll realize it’s the perfect

Of course, Nacho Fries wouldn’t be Nacho Fries
without Taco Bell’s nacho cheese dip.

Get an order of this stuff to match your Nacho
Fries and you’ll be happy as can be.

Think you’ve got a favorite Baskin-Robbins
ice cream?

Think again.

The chain’s Pralines ‘N Cream
ice cream isn’t just the best ice cream at

Baskin-Robbins — it may just be the best
fast food ice cream on the planet.

The combination of vanilla ice cream with
caramel is always a winner, but what will

really grab your attention here are the little
pieces of pecan, each lovingly coated in praline.

You’ll never look at ice cream the same way

Although hot dogs don’t tend to move the needle
much in the culinary world, nobody seems to

have told Shake Shack.

This fast food restaurant has taken the hot
dog and elevated it to the stratosphere.

The Shack-cago Dog comes in
a potato roll, and is topped with relish,

pickle, cucumber, onion, tomato, mild chili
pepper, mustard, and a sprinkling of celery


The hot dog itself isn’t made with any old
meat, either — this here is real Vienna


Hot dogs don’t have to be gross, you know.

Burger King was never particularly famous
for their fries.

But that all changed when they started serving
up “fries” made with chicken.

Now, people flock to BK to get their hands
on the chain’s Chicken Fries — and you’d

be wise to join the flock.

They’re breaded and cooked in a range of herbs
and spices, and are best served up with your

choice of honey mustard, BBQ sauce, or ranch.

A real fan favourite for Burger King lovers

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