(Swishing clicky noise that signifies quality entertainment is on its way)

– Hey, how’s it going, I’m Ryan.

– I’m Shane.

– And welcome to “Top 5 Beatdown”.

A show where we compare
top fives for a topic

that seems completely asinine

yet somehow garners strong opinions.

And to add some credibility to the mix,

we compare our top fives

with that of an expert in the field.

Today’s topic is fast food chains.

And today’s expert is
Chef slash Owner at Kato

and the proud owner of one
LA’s coveted Michelin stars,

please welcome to the
living room, Jon Yao.

– Whew!

– Jon, welcome to the living room.

– Welcome to the living room.

– Thank you for having me.

– We all have out top five’s at hand here.

These are all American fast food chains.

I will also say we qualify
a fast food restaurant

as a place that has a drive thru.

Is there anything you guys want to say

about your lists before we get into them?

– I have to say I feel
slightly intimidated

because you probably
have a lot more culinary

Q, Q, culinary skills.

Obviously you do.

– What’s culinary?

– [Director] What in
the world is culinary?

– Culinary is the word.


I have no Michelin Stars.

– But, you know what?

Food is a subjective experience

and like, what rings true to you,

no one can tell you, you’re wrong.

– That being said, I will say

in this list, there is something that

may make some people upset.

– Mmm.

– Not from a controversial standpoint,

just more so that a lot of
people think this place sucks.

I think it’s pretty good.

– I think mine are all bangers.

– Shane, as always, known
for his trademark humility.


– Should we just get into this?

– Let’s get into it!

– We’re going to start with you, Jon.

Let’s list, baby.

Please reveal your fifth choice.

(bell ringing)

– Jollibee.

(deep breathing)

– Okay, okay, all right.

Let’s hear why you’ve chosen Jollibee.

And then we’ll have some thoughts.

– Well, I personally like
nostalgia factor is huge for me,

on this, I ate a lot
of Jollibee growing up.

But, I mean are you going to get pasta

at another fast food place?

– It’s pasta?

– Yeah, Jollibee’s
fried chicken and pasta.

– So you’re telling me, you could

pull up, in your car, to a drive-through.

– Yes.

– And get pasta?

– Yeah, pasta, they have one

spaghetti thing, and one noodle thing.

Is this a hot take?

– No, I love it.

– It might be a hot take Jon.

– Now, I’ve actually
never been to Jollibee.

– You’ve never been to Jollibee?

– Just because I’ve been warned away.

I’ve been told it’s very bad.

But it’s Filipino, right?

– It is Filipino.

– So, I’m an eighth Filipino.

– Are you, are you?

– You need to do your due diligence.

– Are you Filipino?

– No, I’m 100% Taiwanese.

– Does it come with the
sausage inside the pasta?

‘Cause I know that’s a
Filipino comfort food.

– That’s the best part.

It comes with cut up hotdogs.

Fake processed cheese, cut up hotdogs.

I’m not really selling it well.

– You’re not selling it well!


– I’m still very curious.

– We’ll go right after this.

– You know what, I will go with you.

– Yeah, you should try.

– Let’s move on to number 5.

– I don’t even know what I put here.

(bell ringing)

Oh yes I do, Steak ‘n Shake.

You can’t grimace, have you had it?

– I have, I have.

– They have a burger there
that they put guacamole on,

and it belongs in the pantheon of great.

– Of guacamole?

– Fast food burgers.

Not just guacamole, watch your mouth.

– I’m just saying it’s
a weird thing to herald

guacamole that comes from a
place called Steak ‘n Shake.

– It’s incredible, it gives you

the diner experience via drive thru.

– I did have their shake, pretty good.

– They have great shakes.

– Is this like a big
staple in the midwest?

– I’d say so.

– Have you been to Steak ‘n Shake?

– I haven’t.

– Now I got some more
national stuff on here.

I wanted to put in a couple regional ones

for, your know, for my fans.

– No, I think it’s because
Shane wanted to show

that he’s really cultured and hip

and has like you are a big fan of b-sides.

– Yeah, I’m very cultured and hip

for ranking fast food chains.

– He tells me about his
band tapes all the time.

He’s like Neon Bendy Straws

or whatever the fuck you listen to.

– That’s not a band I listen to,

I’ve never even heard of them.

– Name one of the bands you listen to

that actually is a real band.

– Car Seat Headrest.

– There it is.

– Everyone big fans of Car
Seat Headrest out there?

– You know who one of the biggest fans is?

Adam Driver.

Now what?


– He looks like he’d be into
Car Seat Headrest, frankly.

– Yeah, me too!

Let’s see you number 5
mainstream bullshit choice.

– Here comes number 5, you ready?

– Yeah.

(bell ringing)

– Mickey D’s baby.

– Oh, unbelievable.

– That’s right.

– I almost actually had
that as my 5th choice.

– The golden arches.

Now here’s the thing, is it great food?

Probably not.

But we’re talking fast food
and I’m talking staples.

This is where it all started.

– I like McDonald’s.

– Yeah, it’s great.

– It’s consistent, it’s
better in other countries.

– Everyone has had McDonald’s.

And I think that’s saying something.

– But what are your moves at McDonald’s,

like what are you getting?

– So I love their fries.

I love their Oreo McFlurry, it’s great.

I love their chicken nuggets.

And here’s my favorite item in McDonald’s

and here’s where I’m
going to get a little heat

– Wait can we say it at the
same time and see if we’re.

– One, two, three

– Filet of Fish

– Chicken

– Oh Filet’o Fish is very good as well.

– No, they don’t have that.

– Thank you, Jon.

– [Sound Guy] As the
guy recording the sound,

I didn’t catch any of that.


– Mine was McGriddle.

– What’s the McGriddle?

– What?

– Is that where they put
little packets of syrup in it?

– Yeah, it’s a pancake sandwich.

– I can not

– You don’t like waffle sandwiches?

– I don’t like waffle sandwiches,

but I like the McGriddle.

– Mine is Filet ‘O Fish.

– I’ve never had their fish items.

– The Filet ‘O Fish is very good.

– ‘Cause they steam the bun.

It’s the only item on the
menu with a steamed bun.

– See, that’s why he
gets paid the big bucks.

  Top 10 Most Outrageous Fast Food Burgers

– If we ever have to do
a burger for an event,

like we used to do a burger
and like a chicken sandwich

we would never griddle the bun.

We would always steam the buns.

Because, like, if your bun
has enough integrity to it

it’ll just collapse and become one

with whatever the sandwich is.

– Oh shit.

– If it’s steamed?

– And if we are talking secret menu items,

and the nomenclature
here isn’t exactly PC.

But, it’s is called here
comes Matt shaking his head.

It is called a McGang Bang.


This is where you take a quarter pounder,

a double quarter pounder,

you split it down the
seams of the two patties

and then you stick a
McChicken in between that

and you stack it all up.

And it’s delicious.

And I sense I’ve lost
a lot of you out there.

– But have you had the same
thing with the Filet ‘O Fish?

It’s the McSurf and Turf.

– Oh.

– Wait, wait, wait, what?

– The McSurf ‘N Turf.

– Number four!


(bell ringing)

– What is it?


– Oh, shit.

I completely forgot about Yoshinoya.

– Yeah, I’m all in on the asian.

– I failed my people.

– Are you Japanese?

– I’m half Japanese.

– You’re fuckin’ up man.


– It’s fair, that’s fair.

I deserved that.

I deserved that.

– I survived on Yoshinoya in college.

It was like the best bang for my buck.

– Their beef bowl is very good.

Have you had Yoshinoya, Shane?

I’m sensing you haven’t.

– I haven’t.

– Very Caucasian taste buds over there.

– I stick with you know plain tastes,

I don’t like a lot of spice.

‘Cause it upsets my little tummy.

– Yoshinoya is not spicy.

– No?

– Yeah, it’s simmered beef.

– Oh I do like simmered beef.

– Yeah, it’s delicious.

– What do they simmer it in?

– It’s like soy, and like mirin.

It’s like sweet simmered beef.

– Sweet, I’m going to start saying that

just as an exclamatory statement.

– That’s something Batman would say

after he punches a villain in the face.

He’d say that if he punches the Penguin.

Oh, sweet simmered beef!

– Yeah the beef bowl’s fantastic.

‘Cause when you have Yoshinoya
in Japan it’s amazing.

– I heard that.

– It’s really fucking good.

– Move on to number 4.

– My number 4, I really don’t,
remember my order right here.

But as I said, all bangers here.

Number four.

(bell ringing)

It’s Culver’s!

Another regional treat.

– I’ve never heard of Culver’s before.

– Well, Culver’s has a
little something called

“The Butter Burger” and
baby, it’s unhealthy.

– It’s just another Midwesterner

spraining a muscle jerking himself off.


– That’s ridiculous.

– Hey man, look, you know.

You guys are loving your
west coast thing here.

Why can’t I revel in my Culver’s?

– Because ours are available
around the entire States.

– There is no Yoshinyoa in the Midwest!

– I betcha there is, you wanna look it up?

– Someone pull out a phone.

– [Director] There’s not, there’s not.

– Is that true?

– [Director] Yeah I never had Yoshinoya

until I moved out here.

– What do you think about that?

– I stand corrected.

I rescind my jerk off comment.

– Anyway, Culver’s is a wonderful place.

Do you guys like cheese curds?

Fried cheese curds?

– (laughing) Sure, man.

– It’s great if you’re ever in the Midwest

and you need a burger
this is the place to go.

– Alright, here comes number four.

(bell ringing)

– You know I’ve been very respectful

of your west coast picks here.

– That’s not a west coast pick.

– No, I fucking love Wendy’s.

– What do you think
about that pick, Shane?

– I love it.

Fries there are amazing.

They changed up their recipe
like ten years ago or so.

– To the uh.

– To the sea salt fries.

– Sea salt.

– Incredible.

– Skin on fries.

– Frosty’s.

– I mean.

– We don’t even, do we really need to

even need to talk about
how good a Frosty is?

– You a frosty man?

– Yeah, I do like Frosty’s.

– Chocolate or vanilla?

– Vanilla.

– I’m a chocolate man,

– I’m a chocolate man myself.

But I’m totally fine with vanilla.

They are both very good.

– Come to think of it, I’ve never actually

had a vanilla frosty.
– [Jon] It’s good.

– So I’m going to treat myself

to one of those at some point.

– You ever dip the fries in the frosty?

– Of course.

– That’s what I do at McDonald’s.

– Oh wait to the soft serve.

– You get a soft serve cone,
and you dip the fries in.

– I like that.

– I haven’t tried that, I’ve only done it

at Wendy’s for whatever reason.

– We could go on like McDonald’s
hacks for like a while.

– Yeah, there’s a lot.

– I’m going to have to
chat offline with you.

– Yeah.

– About McDonald’s hacks.

– Alright, let’s move on to number three.

Let’s list.

(bell ringing)


– Oh!

– Church’s.

– You’re coming with all the.

– Now these are deep cuts,
but that makes sense.

– Well I put Church’s,
’cause I was thinking

one of you guys would put Popeyes.

– I thought about putting Popeyes.

But I don’t think Popeyes
has a drive through.

– Popeyes does have drive thrus.

– Popeyes does have drive thru, mmhmm.

– I like putting Church’s
up against Popeyes lovers

it just triggers them so much.

– I mean I am a little
triggered right now.

– I think chicken and
biscuit wise, Church’s wins.

But the only way that
Popeyes edges Church’s out

is banana cream pie, and
then the rice and beans.

– What’s your go to order at Church’s?

– I’ll do thighs, legs,
and then just biscuits.

– How are their biscuits?

– Their biscuits are pretty fucking good.

‘Cause they like brush honey on them.

– Oooh!

– My number three.

(bell ringing)

– It’s Wendy’s.

We’ve covered it.

Look, I think Wendy’s is
a wonderful restaurant.

I like that their buns aren’t too big,

I like that the meat hangs
over the bun a little bit.

It’s always been there
for me, no dip in quality,

I think it tastes better than
something like McDonald’s.

For as big of a name that they are,

I think they deliver
such a quality product,

and I love them very much,

and I can’t wait to be sponsored by them.

– I don’t think you needed to look at me

when you said they are
better than McDonald’s.

– I think it tastes better
than something like McDonald’s

– As if I’m Mr. McDonald’s.

– I don’t think your Mr. McDonald’s.

– You gave me a look.

– I don’t think your Mr. McDonald’s.

– Thank you, Shane.

  Popular Fast Food Desserts

I’m on Wendy’s train, so.

– Well, yeah in the sense that you put it

in your number four spot.

– It’s on the list isn’t it?

– Traitor.

– What’s your number three?

– It’s not a train that I ride on a lot.

– List it!

– It’s a train that I
ride a little bit more.

(bell ringing)

Jack in the Box.

– I’m gonna sit this one out.

– Wait, (laughing) what’s wrong man?

– [Man Off Camera] This is ridiculous.

– [Ryan] How is this ridiculous?

– I can’t believe you.

– How is this ridiculous?

Okay here’s the one I thought

that was going to make people upset.

And I, you know what, I’ll say this.

I get it.

– I get it, it’s gross.

– It’s perceived to be gross.

– It’s perceived to be gross.

But they have some items that

are unlike any other fast
food item I’ve ever had.

And they are the only place
you can get said item,

and you know what I’m talking about.

– You could say the same
thing about a dumpster.


– That’s not true.

That’s not true.

– You can only eat half a rotten

rat carcasses in a dumpster.

– Yeah but.

– You can not get that at a McDonald’s.

– But you couldn’t get uniform
quality of said rat carcass.

– That’s true.

– Across multiple dumpsters.

– Well you got me.

– And this dumpster
serves the same quality

at every dumpster, and
it’s not even a dumpster.

I’m using dumpster in the
sense of term of endearment.

– What do you get at Jack in the Box?

– Oh, I’ll tell you.

I’ll tell you, Jon.

I’m glad you asked.

First off, best chicken
sandwich in the game.

I think, that’s a hot take.

I know that.

I can hear all of you typing
away on your little keyboards.

Like Ryan, your a big old fat idiot.

I don’t care.

It’s delicious, Jack’s spicy chicken.

For my money, best chicken
sandwich in the game.

I’ve exhausted Steve and Lin off camera

I think he’s dead.

– Are you going to bring up your

funny little tacos?

– That was number one.

Now Jack in the Box
also, $1 for two tacos.

And these tacos.

– Are made of cardboard.

– These tacos.

– They’re disgusting.

– They’re one of a kind,
they’re one of a kind.

You can’t get them anywhere else.

– They tastes like pencil shavings.

– You eat pencil shavings?

– Yes.

– I just don’t want anyone putting

anything taco related on this list.

You have amazing taco
trucks down the street,

you shouldn’t be eating
Jack in the Box shit.

– [Man With Pink Hair] And.

– Oh, hear comes the side

– What is your other ethnicity?

– I am half Mexican.

I will acknowledge that I’m half Mexican.


– You’re so bad.

– This isn’t a taco, this
is Jack in the Box taco.

(romantic chiming)

– You’re gonna use it on that?

– That’s right, everyone gets
one chef’s kiss per episode.

– We didn’t tell Jon that up front.

– That’s because he didn’t seem like the

chef’s kiss type.

– I didn’t know this
was the place to do it.

– He’s a real chef.

– Do you do the chef’s kiss in your own?

– All the time, when it
doesn’t have to do with food.

– You’ve never like made a great plate

like the plating was beautiful.

The smell goes into your mouth

and you are like, I made that.

You don’t go.


– No.

– Send that out to table three.

– No.

– But if you had to use one,
at one point on your top five,

for any specific item
from any of these places

would you have used it on
one of those top three there?

– No.

– Are you going to save
it for your top two.

– No.

– [Shane] You’re not going to do one?

Jack in the Box taco,
can’t get it anywhere else,

It’s an acquired taste, and you know what,

as much as it’s inspiring a lot of ire.

In the crowd here, but I will say

there’s a lot of people

that I talked to that love
Jack in the Box tacos.

Especially when you have
the devil’s juice in you.

And devil’s juice I mean, alcohol.

– All right let’s go to number two.

For Jon.

(bell ringing)

– I choose McDonald’s.

– Wow.

– Wow, Mickey D’s at number two.

– Yeah.

– So is this a respect thing?

– It’s just so readily
available, it’s classic.

It’s just the taste of childhood.

I don’t eat McDonald’s now, but.

Good memories associated with McDonald’s.

– That’s pretty high for the quality

that they’re putting out

I feel like Wendy’s has good quality

where some of the meat
at McDonald’s is suspect.

– I really don’t think it is.

I think the meat tastes
the way it always tastes.

– It’s shitty for the last 50 years.

It wasn’t shitty for like the last ten.

– Yeah

– Yeah, you’re going there
to crush a nasty burger.


– Shall we go to number two?

– Sure, my number two.

(bell ringing)

Why it’s Taco Bell.

Happy to see you here.



– Oh my goodness.

– I’ll say Taco Bell has
been there my entire life.

It been there for me.

And it’s the one fast food chain

I think out of all these,
out of even McDonald’s

that I still go back to

it’s like the one thing
I’ve never gotten tired of.

– You are talking about Taco Bell

like it’s a supportive uncle.

– It kinda is.

– It’s been there for me my entire life.

– It kinda is.

– When I was in my really dark places.

– When I’m really sad, it’s there.

When I’m really happy, you bet it’s there.

– I’m not excited to
see the number ones now.

– That’s fine, you’re
going to see it anyway.

– Ryan, your number two.

(bell ringing)


– I think this is a gentleman’s choice

really when it comes to
burgers in the fast food game

and actually just in general

to me, it’s my favorite burger
in the world is In-N-Out.

And I know know there probably are better,

more gourmet burgers out
there that aren’t fast food,

but that’s how strongly
I feel about In-N-Out

that I’m comparing them
to just burgers at large.

As opposed to the umbrella of fast food.

It’s delicious.

– It’s very good.

– Another guy who also
pretty famous, for uh,

food expertise, you may have heard of him,

Anthony Bourdain, RIP, agrees with me.

– Well, you know, opinions.


What’s your number one.

(dramatic music)

– My number one is also In-N-Out.

(bell ringing)

In-N-Out is like the
epitome of fast food, right?

  Fast Food Chicken Nuggets Ranked Worst To Best

You get in, you get out, it’s consistent.

Like you don’t have to think.

It’s just, really good.

Like, simple menu.

I appreciate if you are
going to a fast food place

you are ordering from the core menu anyway

and In-N-Out’s pretty streamlined.

Shakes are good.

– Oh, that Neapolitan shake.

– Yeah.

– I don’t know why I didn’t
include it on the list.

I think because I only moved
out here five years ago.

In-N-Out to me is still
very new in my life.

I really enjoy it.

I like going there.

The people are always very friendly.

I think in five years time

you’re going to see it showing up on here.

I truly do love In-N-Out.

And it’s going to be tearing
up the list in due time.

– I actually think the
fries are underrated.

I think people shit on
their fries all the time.

– I don’t like their fries.

– I mean it’s real potato.

They chop that potato right
in front of your eyes.

You know what your getting.

Okay, my number one.

You guys ready for this.

I haven’t said it all episode
but I’m ready to list it.

(bell ringing)

– Wow.

– Yeah that’s right.

– You got anything to say about that, Jon?

– No, I respect it.

– You respect it?

– [Jon] Yeah I respect it.

I thought you were doing Popeyes

dirty earlier and I wasn’t sure.

– No, Church’s and Popeyes
are just close to me.

I just, I like Church’s a little more.

I would say Popeyes is
higher than Jollibee for me.

But you can’t get spaghetti at Popeyes.

– You cannot get spaghetti at Popeyes.

– Nor would you want to.

– You can get a lot of
other things at Popeyes.

The red beans and rice.

– The red beans and rice are amazing.

– Incredible.

The biscuits are incredible.

‘Cause the biscuits have
like a layer at the top

that’s just like buttery and salty.

It’s like just a fat little
hockey puck that you can eat.

Now one thing that even Popeyes lovers

don’t seem to know

’cause this is one of my
favorite things about it

and even when I meet a fellow
Popeye head in the wild

I always say

The Cajun Sparkle.

– The Cajun Sparkle.

– It’s a little pink
packet full of seasoning.

And you have to ask for it at the counter

if you say can I have some Cajun Sparkle.

And usually they’ll go.

And then they’ll pull a few
packets up and give it to you.

– And you know what, I’m a little crazy

sometimes I put Cajun Sparkle
on the biscuit itself.

– Oh, I do too

– Very good.

– Oh, every time I do.

– Mix it with the butter?

– Yes.

– Now you’re having a good time.

– It’s great.

I put it on everything.

I put it on the fries,

I put it on the biscuit,

I put it on the chicken.

– I’d put it in my water if I could,

but I feel like that would not be good.

*- Very salty.


– Oh it’s food right?

– It’s a little powder packet.

– A condiment.

– You guys are talking about
it like its something else.

– I think all three of us agree, Popeyes.

– Popeyes brought us all back together.

– Unfortunately, Jon,

I think the tables are going
to turn a little bit here.

– List it!

(bell ringing)
– List it, baby!

Taco Bell.

Coming in at the number one spot.

– Ryan, can I say seeing
this at number one

all that comes to mind is.

– Don’t do it.



– I love it.

– Normally I hate when
he does his chef’s kiss

because he makes it super long and gross.

But, that one I enjoyed it.

– I did it for you.

– My problem is

you live in Los Angeles.

– Yeah.

– Why would you?

– Huh?

– Eat Taco Bell?

– Because I love flavor.


– I love taking it to flavor town.

– Okay what’s your order at Taco Bell.

– What isn’t?

– I’m so glad you asked.

– How much time you got?

– How much longer do we got Jon for?

I’m not even wearing a watch.

Uh, my number one item there,

and in fact I think it’s the number one

fast food item out there.

– Let’s say it together.

– (Ryan and Shane) Cheesy gordita crunch.

(energetic music)

– [Shane] It’s so good.

– [Ryan] He’s just looking into his lap

Have you had a cheesy gordita crunch?

– I have.

– So here is what you need to know

about a cheesy gordita crunch,

if you don’t know it out there.

– A, It’s perfect.

– B, the crunch, the chewy combo.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

You have the fluffy gordita

and then you have this delicious crispy

most of the time flavored
by Doritos shell.

And you bite into it and after
that, beautiful, beautiful,

crunch combo, you just get
this symphony of flavor.

– Here comes the meat.

– Dances across your taste buds.

It’s a concerto of flavor, a masterpiece.

– Are you guys getting paid for this?

– No we’re not.

– Also, their sauce game.

I’m going to break the rules.

Sauce game.


– I don’t want to be here anymore.


– On the sweeter side, a
little cinnamon twists?

– Okay, cinnamon twists are
arguably top ten fast food item.

– I got him!

– Well, I think that does
it for our top five lists.

Any closing thoughts?

I think we have more than
enough closing thoughts there.

It’s all subjective in the end.

You can have your opinions,

and I’m sure you’ll stick to them.

And you should.

– Feel good in your food choices.

– And defend them at all costs.

And Jon, actually before we leave here.

Is there anything that you’d like to plug?

– Just come by the restaurant,

it’s not fast food, it’s not Taco Bell.

It’s a lot different.


– Thank you all for watching,

if you stuck through that, God bless you.

Mention what you think in the comments.

Whether you agree with us,
maybe who had the best list.

And maybe some places that we missed,

or that you think we missed.

And thank you everybody for watching.

– [All] That’s the list!

– That was good.

– That was fantastic.

– Thank you Jon.

– A lot better than Taco Bell.

– Jon!

– Sure I’ll take some pineapple juice.

– [Cashier] We also have the
pineapple float if you want.

That’s just additional of 70 cents.

Oh I don’t know if I
need to go that hog wild.

– Can I do a pineapple float?

– [Cashier] Sure.

(dramatic music)

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