You know what I hate?

working out.

It’s the worst.

If only I could reward myself with like a
cheeseburger afterwards.

Sound counter productive?

New research suggests maybe not

Hey hungry hippos, Julia here for DNews

A recent study from the University of Montana
found that there was no difference in energy

gained from eating fast food or from taking
sports supplements.

In the study published in the International
Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism

– 11 male cyclists cycled for 90 minutes,
depleting their bodies of glycogen.

Right after the ride and then two hours later,
the participants either ate fast food or took

sports supplements.

Then fours after the first bit of exercise,
they did a 12.4-mile time trial.

The researchers found no difference in blood
glucose and insulin response between fast

food and supplements, but even more intriguing,
there wasn’t a difference in the athlete’s

performance in the time trial.

This story sounds great!

I mean I could go run a mile then eat a greasy
cheeseburger with some french fries and be



well hold on, let’s take a closer look at

First of all, it was an incredibly small study,
with only 11 male cyclists as participants.

Any study with small sample size warrants

But what about their results?

This is really a story about glycogen.

Which is a type of carbohydrate found in a
few different cell types, like Liver cells,

but in this case, it’s important that it
makes up about 1 to 2% of your muscle mass.

Your body uses glycogen easily during exercise.

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In fact it’s the first source muscles use
to contract, especially during high intensity


Some intense athletes like marathon runners
can deplete their body’s store of glycogen

during a workout.

They “hit the wall” and experience extreme
fatigue that makes it hard to even move.

Thus a lot of athletes carbo-load before a
big race or game.

But restoring glycogen afterwards is super
important too.

By eating lots of carbs afterwards, the body’s
glycogen stores are replenished and can build

bigger muscles with more glycogen storage
capabilities for future exercise.

So this is basically what the study focused

It could mean that any high glycemic foods
would restore your glycogen levels.

Pasta, pizza, bread, rice, pasta, did I say

I love pasta.

Or another way of looking at this study is
that sports nutrition supplements work JUST


Which doesn’t bode well for expensive nutritional

Would you pay 60 bucks for a bottle of supplements
over a 5 dollar meal down the street?

Well, you wouldn’t be the only one.

Over 150 million Americans take some form
of supplement.

But nutritional supplements have their own
host of problems.

The New York State attorney general’s office
recently tested dietary supplements and found

that many don’t contain what they’re supposed

But what’s actually in them is another story.

One study published in JAMA Internal Medicine
found that many supplements for weight loss

and body building were recalled for containing
banned substances that could cause serious

health problems or death.

And I mean really, let’s not say fast food
is good for athletes.

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Fast food is still considered a leading cause
of obesity.

Most fast food meals are high in fats and

While these are good for the body in small
doses, too much of a good thing, is bad.

Very bad.

Too much fast food increases your risk of
heart disease and stroke.

And the authors of the fast food study say
all the hype is just that, hype.

Moderation is key.

Don’t go binge on a burger and fries after
every workout.

Sad day.

Would you give up your body building pills
for a cheese burger?

Let’s be real.

We all would.

Let us know down in the comments below..

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