burger king unveils a spooky scary

halloween treat they say is sure

to give you nightmares welcome to watch

mojo and today we’re counting down our

picks for the top 10 most outrageous

fast food burgers

this lava bomb is nuclear that way

it’s gold it has value whoa i’ma need a


for this list we’re looking at the most

ridiculous novelty fast food burgers

that can

or could once be found around the world

what’s the craziest novelty burger

you’ve ever tried

how was it let us know in the comments


number 10. black ninja burger burger


burger king has tried some weird things

over the years especially in japan

back in october of 2013 they introduced

the black ninja burger which was a dark

sandwich with a

tongue the burger contained the usual

trappings including lettuce mayo and


however it also came equipped with buns

turned black after being infused with

bamboo charcoal

a hash brown patty and a thick slab of

bacon made to look like a protruding


the whole tongue thing is certainly a

little strange and the black buns are

different to say the least are ninjas

known for sticking their tongues out or


number nine cheetos chicken sandwich kfc

cheetos are good did you steal my

cheetos again

just tell them it was you kfc is good so

when it comes to fried chicken

nobody beats the original colonel but is

combining them a good idea

kfc clearly thought so and in july of


they introduced the cheetos chicken

sandwich the sandwich was only available

for a limited time and

included fried chicken cheeto sauce

whatever the heck that is

and a layer of actual cheetos i’ma need

a minute

it both sounds and looks bizarre with

the bright orange glare possibly being

off-putting to some

kfc is the king of stunt foods with

their double down taking the western

world by storm in 2010

this is a chicken sandwich the new kfc

double-down chicken sandwich but this

just might be pushing the limits of good


both figuratively and literally if

nothing else

the franchise certainly knows how to

generate curiosity

number 8. foie gras rasini burger


it’s not just burger king that

experiments in japan wendy’s has also

gotten in on the action

in 2012 they launched a premium caviar

and lobster sandwich for the equivalent

of 16

one year earlier to celebrate the

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restaurant’s relaunch in japan

they thought you know what would be good

making tornados rasini into a sandwich

don’t know what tornados rasini is


the burger consists of a filet mignon

patty foie gras

aka duck or goose liver and truffles

like the caviar and lobster sandwich

this one also sold for the equivalent of


you wouldn’t think that wendy’s and fine

dining ingredients would mix but

here you have it number seven big ihop

pancake sandwich

ihop back in 2018 ihop performed a

genius marketing stunt by pretending to

change its name to ihob

the international house of burgers oh


to honor the stunt ihop actually

launched a burger called the big ihop

pancake the next year

the burger came equipped with two beef

patties american cheese

bacon ihop sauce and a signature ihop

cheddar cheese pancake slapped in the


it sorta looks like the wendy’s

baconator only with a pancake serving as

the third bun

you’ll know it when you eat it it’s also

like something an inebriated person

would make at two in the morning

and it’s probably glorious number six

pumpkin burger burger king we return to

burger king japan for the pumpkin burger


is exactly what it sounds like i can see

how that wouldn’t be

enticing to you burger king jumped on

the pumpkin bandwagon in october 2012

putting the fad into hamburger form it

may have been the costliest decision

i’ve ever made

costing about four dollars the pumpkin

burger consisted of a beef patty

lettuce bacon a unique nut sauce that

includes peanuts

almonds cashews and hazelnuts plus two

slices of fried kabocha

also known as japanese pumpkin okay so

kobocha is actually winter squash but

the name still stands

i like to call it kombucha

don’t um don’t steal that though

i came up with it the burger was also

available in a pumpkin bomb version

which consisted of 10 slices of pumpkin

just for those who can’t get enough

move aside pumpkin spice latte number 5.

el diablo thickburger carl’s jr and


people love their spicy food realizing

this carl’s jr and hardee’s teamed up

and created the so-called world’s

hottest burger

their words true distinction unknown

named the thick burger el diablo this

one came equipped with a beef patty

pepper jack cheese sliced jalapenos

jalapeno poppers

and a special habanero sauce this lava

bomb is nuclear

it sounds like a whole lot of

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uncomfortable spice but then again


exactly the point we can only assume

customers ordered it with a carton of

milk we hashtag diablo dairyu

the thick burger was originally unveiled

in 2015 before returning to carl’s jr in


it obviously proved popular enough to

warrant a comeback the thick burger el


gets hotter with every bite

number four spam and oreo burger


japanese fast food has some competition

mcdonald’s has introduced some

outrageous items in china

including a hamburger topped with mashed

potatoes the mashed potato burger was

part of their

manly man campaign that was geared

towards quote

young urban meat lovers in december of


mcdonald’s china began offering the spam

and oreo burger

which consists of two slices of spam and

crumbled oreo cookies

but no matter what you do it’s true it’s

fun to munch a creamy crunchy chocolate

o-r-e-o it goes great with imagination

this burger was quite unsurprisingly

aimed at the younger generation

the communications manager of mcdonald’s

china told cnn travel quote

luncheon meat is a trending food among

youngsters nowadays

and quote the flavorful and crispy oreo

is a snack youngsters are familiar with

yes but does it taste good probably

number three gold leaf burger hard rock


what is the point of putting gold on

food is it merely for the sake of

marketing and fancy instagram pictures

back in june of 2019 hard rock cafe

launched a new and improved menu that

included a 24-karat gold leaf burger

well you know we really were looking for

something to differentiate us and

the market that’s our area and burgers

are something that we do so very well

and so a 24 carat burger it kind of was

really rock and roll for us

the restaurant describes it as a quote

burger with bling

and it consists of a half-pound patty

and 24-karat edible gold

leaf it sets patrons back 25 bucks

there’s really gold on there really

it is real 24 karat edible gold it is


yes what in the world wow literally the

first of its kind

it’s a premium price for something that

isn’t even reportedly worth the extra


as the gold is obscured once the burger

is actually topped with the bun and

is completely flavorless at least one

dollar of every sale goes to charity so

that’s something

there’s a listen that way it’s gold it

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has value

number two fried chicken and donut

sandwich kfc

kfc never stops with the novelties at

this point their concoctions might be

more famous than the chicken

apparently aiming to outdo their iconic

double down and cheetos sandwiches the

franchise introduced a donut sandwich in

september of 2019.

it consisted of a piece of fried chicken

sandwiched between

two glazed donuts there don’t appear to

be any other ingredients in this

and the simplicity of it is pretty

intriguing there’s no weird

syrup or chipotle mayo or anything like

that the sandwich

was originally available in just three

cities pittsburgh

richmond and norfolk but demand and

interest proved so high that the

franchise launched the donut sandwich

nationwide in february of 2020.

this has to be a social experiment at a

certain point

what won’t people eat before we continue

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number one t-rex burger wendy’s sort of

it seems like people don’t know how to

take a joke

what’d you say sports illustrated once

ran a parody ad

depicting a nine patty wendy’s hamburger

however some people didn’t understand

that it was for laughs and

legitimately asked wendy’s about the

burger’s existence

bowing to demand a rogue restaurant in

brandon manitoba canada

actually began selling the item for 22

it was packed with 3 000 calories 6 000

grams of sodium

and 200 grams of fat your eyes do not

deceive you this nine patty t-rex

wendy’s burger is the real

deal surprisingly the restaurant

reportedly sold

up to three t-rex burgers every day

unfortunately for them

the burger was removed from their

offerings after someone posted it to the


wtf sub on reddit the post drew the

attention of wendy’s head office

who ordered that the unauthorized item

be removed from the menu

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